Lightweight pendant lampshade

Now we will make a light hanging lampshade for a small room - a small kitchen or hallway. This lampshade is made in ethnic style, which has recently become very popular. It is very appropriate in a country house, in the country, where sometimes there are many small rooms. Easy to manufacture.
The material for him will be reed, whose thickets can be met on the shores of lakes and rivers. But if it’s difficult for you to get such material, you can use ordinary willow twigs, having previously cleared them of bark and dried them.
A structure made of reed will be lighter, since this plant is hollow inside, and therefore practically weightless.
We also need some tracing paper (which can be successfully replaced with baking paper), cotton or jute twine, PVA glue, a pencil, scissors, a needle, thick bobbin thread. Cut reed conveniently with a garden pruner.
Try to choose more even reeds, the same thickness. Cut 6 pieces approximately 30 cm long for the base and three pieces 4 cm less in length for uprights. But you can change this ratio in accordance with your individual project.

Fold the triangle and tie the sticks with twine - a rigid structure is obtained. Assemble the second triangle in the same way. (3) You can now attach the uprights in series. The frame is ready. For greater strength, we glue the twine joints with glue and leave the product to dry.

Then cut the side walls out of paper. It will be convenient to use a pencil here - just circle the contours from the inside. Cut without stock, because the paper should be more or less in a stretched condition. Now with a needle, pass the thread through the corners of the cooked sheets. Tie them so that they do not skew. At the same time, try not to pull the thread, which, if careless, can cut through the paper. So tie all three sheets in sequence.

Now it remains to make a device for hanging. It is very simple - stretch the thread from each corner to the opposite side of the triangle, tie it. Thus, in the center there will be an asterisk, which will allow the lampshade to hang on a cartridge with a light bulb. Its minimum weight in this case is the main advantage. Of course, you should not place it in those rooms where there are strong drafts - the design is not designed for this.

If you let out more genuine threads at the corners, you will get even more similarities to a kite. You can collect them and tie them in a bundle, use multi-colored threads. If you want - add a picture or hieroglyphs - get a Chinese style.