New hat from an old blouse

Over time, many old and unnecessary things accumulate, for example, elongated sweaters and spoiled blouses. Do not rush to throw them away, this is a wonderful basis for creating a new thing that can still serve you or your children.
To create a new baby hat, you need: sewing threads, a needle, scissors and an old, unnecessary thing. It is best to use old things with a bright color and a large viscous or viscous crochet, then the thing from it turns out to be more voluminous and spectacular. So that the appearance of the cap is bright and attractive, we choose for the base of the product, the side of the old thing less worn and faded, usually the back of the back of the old product.
We cut out of it with scissors, the base of the cap, semicircular in shape, this is usually done by eye, you can use the pattern, since uneven features will be hidden by a seam for processing and fastening the product. Having turned the base of the cap on the wrong side, connect the edges of the cut with each other and sew them with a thread. It is recommended to use a knotted stitch or an overlock stitch, this will prevent the edges of the hat from shedding and opening, will even out the shape of the hat and make the seam less noticeable and comfortable to wear. In the opposite case, if you make straight stitches, this will unsteadily fasten the edges, lead to the formation of unnecessary gaps in the product and loss of shape. Gather the middle, top of the cap in a bundle, make sure that the edges are firmly pressed against each other and fix with a thread and make a couple of stitches for strength. From fringe or loose threads from an unnecessary item, make a decoration in the form of a balloon, a brush. To do this, cut off the fringe you need by color, you can add others by the color of the thread, it already depends on your imagination. With the help of scissors, cut off the excess edges of the threads, forming a circle shape or the length of a brush of thread. Gather the cut fringe into a tight bundle, fix the ends of the fringe on one side with a thread and secure with several knots. Then sew the resulting bundle to the cap on the front side so that the threads do not stick out, they should be trimmed with scissors. The chosen place for the decoration of the hat can be any, from above, in the middle, with an edge on its side. Thus, using an unnecessary thing, you get a completely new product in form and use, while not spending extra money and it takes a minimum of time.