Curd balls

Cow cheese has a lower fat content than other types of cottage cheese and is usually used little in cooking, but is also ideal for making salads and sauces. It brings more benefits if you use it fresh.
It is not recommended to store cottage cheese for a long time, usually no more than 5 days are provided. It is advisable to buy it in small quantities and update balances as it is consumed.
It is because of the small amount of fat that cow curd prevents migraines. Contains calcium, vitamin B12 and protein. Fresh cottage cheese basically has the consistency of very thick yogurt and is less acidic. The maximum fat content is 9%. Given that it resembles yogurt, you can mix it with fruit puree, thereby obtaining a fruit curd cream.
But, there is also another very simple recipe. This is a recipe for curd balls.


- 180 g of fresh cottage cheese (5 or 9 percent fat content);
- 1 head of garlic;
- One bunch of green dill.

Put the cottage cheese on a plate of salt. Brush 6-7 garlic teeth and squeeze the garlic into the cottage cheese.
Mix well. To try. It may be necessary to add salt or garlic. Maybe even both.
Form the same balls from the resulting mass.

Chop dill as finely as possible.
Take one curd ball and roll in chopped dill.

It will turn out very original. A delicious and healthy like!
You can decorate tomato and cucumber salad with these delicious curd balls and serve with meat.

Each dish you cook must be delicious, otherwise your household will not appreciate it. But ... It is always worth remembering that good food is:
- when her taste opens gradually;
- when her appearance causes appetite;
- when its smell causes abundant and uncontrolled salivation.

And simple curd balls are just that. Checked!