Cube - a transformer from paper

An entertaining paper craft "Cube - Transformer" can be made independently in a few minutes.
For this we need - sheet A - 4, scotch tape, a ruler, a pencil. Instead of a ruler, you can use any flat plate.

We bend sheet A - 4 as shown in the figure.

Using scissors, we cut off the excess part by bending.

We got a square.

The resulting square is bent in half and cut into two equal parts.

For our transformer we need one rectangular part. We put the second aside, it will no longer be useful to us.

We bend the rest as shown in Fig.

Bends are carefully smoothed.
As a result, expanding we got a rectangle divided into even, equal parts.

Fold it in half along the central fold.

Now, using a ruler and a pencil, draw along the folds of the line.

We should get the ruler as shown in the figure.

It is important to note that the lining of the opposite sides is different from each other. If on one side the line goes through two squares, on the opposite side it goes through one and vice versa.
With the help of scissors, we make cuts strictly along the lined lines.

Expand and smooth the rectangle.

We cut the central part with scissors as shown in the figure.

We bend the central part of the rectangle and glue it as shown in the figures.

As a result, we should get a detail, as in the figure.

Fold the extreme sides to the center and glue them with tape. The figures show how to do it right. The main thing is not to confuse the parties.

We straighten the resulting product, as in the figures.

Cube - the transformer is ready. It is quite interesting to watch his transformation.

A similar craft can successfully please yourself and your loved ones. Even the spoiled abundance of various electronic toys, children will like it.
If you have a small child in your family, you can use felt-tip pens to paint the sides in different colors and see how the transformer will change its coloring. You can put letters of the alphabet or numbers on the sides and study numbers and letters with such a funny form. You can stick on the sides drawings from his favorite books or cartoons. It all depends on your imagination and desire.