Battery replacement plus possible modding

Recently, a rather interesting Chinese tablet fell into my hands. According to the owner, the tablet after turning on works for a maximum of 5 seconds and turns off. It was decided to disassemble the tablet and see what is the cause of the malfunction.
Here is the tablet itself.

Standard set: processor 1.2 GHz, operational 512 mb, on board Android version 4.0., Screen 7 inches. It was also surprising to have a full-fledged USB host port. In general, the tablet is assembled quite high quality.
So, we begin the autopsy.
On the side of all connectors and inputs are two bolts. They need to be unscrewed.

Further along the perimeter of the housing, the latches must be unfastened. I did it with a sharp knife. But be careful. As it turned out, there are literally a few millimeters from the latches loops, do not cut them.

And here is what was inside.

All loops, connectors, etc. were checked. After the charge controller rang. It turned out to be working. As for the battery, pushing it with your finger was no problem. It seems that they poured liquid into a plastic bag. After soldering and laborious peeling off the battery, this is what happened.

There was more than enough space for a new battery.

Googling a little, I came across a suitable battery. Both in size and in size.
What can I say, the battery fit perfectly, as if the space under it was sharpened. Instead of the previous 1800s, we have 3600 milliamps per hour. Profit x2! This is what the device looks like with a new battery.

Since the tablet was disassembled, then there were thoughts to tighten up something else. And a great idea came to my mind. The tablet has a front camera for video calls, but it can also just take photos.
Here is the camera. Inside view.

The camera is connected using a flexible cable. Gently bending it, you can turn the camera in the opposite direction, i.e. push. From the front camera, it turns into a regular back.

However, for this you need to drill a hole in the back cover. But since the tablet is not mine, then I do not have the right to spoil the appearance.
Contact pads and a cut in the PCB were also found. Most likely, just for the rear camera.

In more expensive models, it is probably present.
Putting the tablet back. We snap latches. Twist the screws. And check.

The tablet is working! In active use, he lasted 4 hours.