Fabric bird

How amazing and boundless the imagination and mastery of human hands are, which make it possible to make something simple, interesting, and sometimes useful and symbolic, carrying some invisible power from almost any small and nondescript piece of cloth. A small chrysalis charm made with love and kind thoughts can become a faithful companion on the way or a charm for the home. And a toy made from a small piece of fabric, for example, a bird can be a good gift for a child (and not only) or a decoration of the interior of a room.

For the manufacture of a feathered friend, only 4 items are needed: threads, colored fabric in the shape of a square with a format of 20/20 cm, synthetic winterizer and scissors.

Operating procedure:
Fold the fabric square in half diagonally. First, turn one corner of the resulting triangle to the middle, then the second corner.

Then fold the side corners to the middle again, then fold the resulting figure in half with folds.

Next, form a bird's beak by bandaging a corner with a thread. To straighten the figure and, putting a piece of padding polyester inside and forming the head of the bird, bandage it with a thread.

Then put another synthetic winterizer and, having shaped the body and spreading the wings to the sides, bandage with a thread.

Having taken the threads, bandage the back of the bird in the form of a cross and wrap each wing. The bird is ready.

You can give such a cute bird to someone for some reason, or hang it on a thread above a table or under a chandelier.

Enjoy your work!