Plastic keychain

Working with plastic is a pleasure. So many ideas come up with this material, and translating them is pretty simple. Take, for example, a keychain for a mobile phone or keys. After all, I want it to be interesting and original, and even better fun. You can make a bright caramel on a stick! Let's consider in more detail how to make a keychain from plastic.
Materials required for work:

- plastic 5 colors;
- stationery knife;
- varnish for plastics (if not, then you can take glossy for nails, but only transparent);
- scissors;
- 1 toothpick;
- polyethylene file;
- accessories for a keychain.
Working process.
We cover the working surface with a plastic file, it is convenient to work on it. With a clerical knife, cut off a small piece of plastic of different colors. By the way, choose bright, colorful shades, then the finished product will be tempting and interesting.

We knead the plastic with our hands (you can work with gloves) until it becomes soft and supple for sculpting. From each color of plastic we make a long thin "sausage".

Then twist all 5 sausages together and scroll to create a rope.

We scroll this rope so that it becomes a little thinner, you can swing the rope a little on the file with your fingers. Cut off the ends, they are still uneven.

Now we make a beautiful curl from a multi-colored plastic rope. We twist it in a circle, slightly press each new row to the previous one.

The result was such a colorful curl.

With a special pin-stud, pierce the caramel. And on the other hand we attach a stick - half a toothpick.

Now the plastic needs to be baked. We act according to the instructions on the package. In this case, the plastic should be baked in the oven for 20 minutes at a temperature of 110C. Read what is written on your packaging, as baking times may vary. Remember to cover the pan with baking paper. It is advisable to check the product periodically in the oven, if you press lightly with a stick and the plastic does not push, then it is ready.

The baked product must be cooled at room temperature, and then open with plastic varnish or regular nail polish. We fix the remaining accessories and the keychain is ready! You can change colors at your discretion, use only two shades or, conversely, more, it all depends entirely on your imagination.

Enjoy your creativity!