Candle holder

Almost everyone in the house can find a lot of things that have not been used for their intended purpose for a long time, but which the hand does not rise to throw away. Among such rarities, the most common are ordinary faceted glasses. But even from such a seemingly banal and outdated thing, you can make wonderful, beautiful candlesticks.
To make a candlestick from a glass, we will use the following materials:
1. thin sewing thread
2. white paint - spray
3. colorless spray
4. universal glue
5. beads
6. beads
7. sequins
8. soft brush
9. double-sided tape
1. Wash well and rub the glass so that there are no stains.

2. Wrap the glass with thin sewing threads. The more threads there are, the less transparent our candlestick will be. The end of the thread can be fixed using double-sided tape.

3. Open the surface of the glass with a white spray - paint. When the paint dries well, carefully remove from a glass of thread.

4. Using universal glue, draw curls and arbitrary lines on the walls of the glass. Sprinkle them with sparkles. When the glue dries well, gently tap on the glass to shake off the non-stick sparkles. Excess glitter can also be removed with a soft brush. But in no case do not proceed to the implementation of this paragraph until the glue is completely dry, otherwise the picture will be smeared.

5. Using glue, draw some small drawings on the walls of the glass. It can be stars, snowflakes, hearts or just some kind of abstraction. Sprinkle the picture with beads, wait for the glue to dry, remove the excess beads using the previously applied method, and glue several large beads. We open our candlestick with a clear spray varnish. Let the surface of the glass dry.

6. Now it remains only to place a small candle inside the glass and enjoy the results of our work.