DIY candy bouquet

For lovers of sweets and flowers, a bouquet of sweets will be an excellent present. It is worth showing a little imagination and diligence, and you can please your loved ones with such an unusual and pleasant gift.
The following materials will be used to create the bouquet:
1. decorative mesh;
2. ordinary and double-sided tape;
3. PVA glue;
4. foam or silicone sealant;
5. scissors;
6. wooden skewers;
7. corrugated paper;
8. tape
9. And of course - your favorite candy.
Let's start creating our bouquet.
1. From the decorative grid, cut out three triangles of different sizes. We take a circle of foam or silicone sealant, and with the help of double-sided tape we fasten it in the center of the largest triangle.

2. On the surface of the foam circle, glue several strips of double-sided tape and attach the next triangle. In the same way we attach our last, the smallest triangle of decorative mesh.

3. We take the candy, wrap its “tail” around the wooden skewer and fix it with tape.

4. From corrugated paper, cut out the petals of our future flowers. We make two types: large oblong and small rounded.

5. Proceed to the formation of the petals. Fingers give the paper the necessary shape.

6. First we work with small petals. When they are ready, glue them to our sweet center.

7. While our flowers are drying up, we’ll make a few buds. We cut out three rectangles from corrugated paper, twist them to make a cone, put candy inside the cone, wrap and glue the edges of the paper.

8. Now is the time to start forming large petals for our flowers. We give them a shape and glue, forming a beautiful flower.

9. When the glue dries on the flowers, we begin to form a bouquet. Some flowers can be left on skewers, others simply stick to the base with double-sided tape, previously removed from the skewers.

10. Decorate the composition with green leaves, cut from paper, ribbons, beads, etc. And our sweet gift is ready.