Original collage

A collage is a composition that is created by applying (gluing, sewing and the like) to the basic basis of various objects, drawings and pictures.
This type of art has gained popularity quite recently, but now collages are very common. A further example will be given of creating not only a beautiful, but also a functional collage.
Stages of creation.

We will need:
1) Glue (it is better to take PVA);
2) scissors;
3) Old magazines;
4) Interesting pictures. Choose in accordance with the composition that you want to finally see on the collage.
5) Needles (with which we will fix the picture);
6) The basis is a cardboard box from chocolates. Take better "bird milk" - this is where there is a special "airy" cardboard.

We connect the two parts of the cardboard box together so that a certain figure resembles a shelf.
The second thing you should do is stick the very “airy” cardboard on the inside of the lid of the candy box. Thanks to empty cells, cardboard becomes a very convenient basis for pinning various pictures on it, which we will use in the future.

Next, we cut out the pictures we liked, create a composition from them and pin the needles to our base. Attention! At this stage, we work only with the upper section of the resulting “shelf”, do not touch the lower one - for now, it should remain empty.

Be careful: you need to pin up the pictures by pointing the needle to the side. Otherwise, pierce the cardboard base of the collage through. If something doesn’t work, then use a small amount of glue.

Now we attach the collage mount. On the back side, on tape, glue the thread. In the future, you can hang the collage on the wall. But if the quality of the surface where your product will be located allows, just stick double-sided tape on the back of the collage.

We made it:

The bottom of the collage can be used in different ways.
Attach reminders:

Or after you attach a small tape, put all sorts of small needs there:

Or even just continue your composition, but slightly move away from the topic:

In a few simple steps we got an excellent and functional collage. With the help of a collage, you can decorate your memorable events or simply decorate the room. In addition, collages are often used to visualize desires and dreams. Success in creative work!