Interesting earrings made of unusual wooden beads

Every girl loves to be unusual and stand out from the crowd. Clothing styles and accessories help create an interesting look and look different every day. Especially with the help of accessories you can present clothes all the time in a new light. In this master class, I will tell you how to make unusual earrings that will become an adornment for any girl.
And so, we need:
- nippers and pliers from tools so that the rings remain round and do not change their round shape in the process;
- wooden flat beads of any color. I only have purple, but you can use any shades and even make the earrings as colorful as you like;
- rings. I took gold, it seems to me that they most favorably emphasize the purple color of my beads;
- and shvenzy. I took bronze earwings. Despite the fact that they do not seem to be combined with gold rings, in the end you will see that in general, an earring with, namely, bronze earrings looks more attractive.

Earrings with us will consist of a chain of beads and rings. It’s convenient for me personally to push the rings apart with nippers. We take a wooden bead and dress it on the first ring.

Then we pass the second ring through it and attach the third to it. It will fasten the beads with the rings together.

With the second wooden bead we do the same and we hook it to the first wooden bead.

Thus, you need to make a chain of four wooden beads. Then we take a new wooden bead and we pass only one ring into it, for which we hang this bead on the most central ring from our chain.

Now we need to hang the whole chain on a shvenza. This is done with the help of another ring, which first must be hooked onto one edge of the chain, suspended on it and attached to the second end of the chain.

You should have such a cute earring.

Now you can see my words. Bronze schwenza combines perfectly with purple. I like the fact that it does not look like gold rings and serves as a slight accent in this union.
In the same way as we did the first earring, we need to make the second one.

As a result, in just an hour or less, you made yourself a new unusual and reasonably stylish accessory. Such earrings will look great both in summer and in winter. You can wear them with casual clothes and even with an elegant and strict suit.