Oil lamp

It often happens that the electricity is suddenly turned off and there are no paraffin candles on hand. In this case, the oil lamp will be the optimal solution to the problem.

In order to make a lamp in oil we need:
1. Old burnt out bulb (You can buy a new one).
2. A set of tools.
3. Cotton wick.
4. Steel wire.
5. The syringe.
6. Olive oil.
First you need to prepare a light bulb for further action. To do this, we need to make a hole in the base for wiring the wick. It is enough to hook the protruding lamp contact with pliers and pull it. After you removed the epoxy (black polymer around the contact) and everything that is inside the bulb, you should get such a glass blank.

Next, measure the required length of the cotton wick. In order to check the wick for suitability, just set it on fire. If he gives loose ash, then everything is in order. If it begins to turn into plastic, then such a wick will not work for us. So, we measure the wick so that it completely sinks to the bottom of the lamp and exits about a centimeter out of it.

Now fill our container with oil. For this, I used a syringe. And pour the oil into the lamp. 10 ml will be sufficient. If the oil runs out, it can always be refilled.

Now we take our wire and make such a device out of it with pliers. A circular area in order to attach the wire to the lamp thread, and the top for fixing the wick. When assembled, it looks like this.

Soak our wick in oil, lower it into a lamp and fix it with wire. The wick should go out of the lamp about one centimeter, otherwise there will be a lot of soot.

We light our lamp and rejoice!

As the wick burns, it will be necessary to periodically stretch it and always monitor the oil level.