Aquarium in a vase

Everyone knows that the aquarium is an excellent decoration of the interior of the apartment. But not everyone knows that you can turn an ordinary flower vase into an aquarium.
An aquarium in a vase has three undeniable advantages. Firstly, it does not take up much space and can be easily put on a windowsill or bookshelf. Secondly, caring for the aquarium in a vase is simple and does not take much time from its owner. Thirdly, if you are bored with aquarium enthusiasm, then getting rid of such an aquarium will not pose a particular problem.
So, what do you need to make a mini aquarium? A small vase, several aquatic plants and small pebbles. A vase can have any shape, but still a round vessel is preferable. Water plants are better to take the most unpretentious - for example, hornwort or kabombu.

Before creating an aquarium, rinse the vase with water.

And pebbles too.

After this, you can pour pebbles into a vase and start planting aquatic plants. It is more convenient to plant plants with tweezers (especially if the neck of the vase is narrow). However, if you do not have tweezers, then you can plant the plants with your hands.

When the plants are planted, the vase can be filled with water. Ordinary tap water is not suitable for this purpose - it contains many substances that are harmful to aquatic plants. Therefore, it is better to use standing water. In extreme cases - boiled.

Of course, it is not recommended to populate fish in such a mini-aquarium. They will not live there for a long time, since it is simply unrealistic to place the necessary equipment (compressor and filter) in a vase. Instead of fish, you can settle more unpretentious creatures - water snails. They feed on algal fouling and do not require special care.
A finished aquarium in a vase should be put in any bright place in the apartment. A window sill or a shelf located near the window can serve as such a place. And if you want to place a mini-aquarium in the back of the room, you will need an artificial light source - a table lamp with an energy-saving lamp. Good luck in the aquarium!