Bead necklace

Each girl is a creature who can tirelessly sort through her wardrobe, and eventually wear old jeans and a T-shirt. Yes, that’s all of us. We carefully choose any of our clothes, we spin for hours at the mirror. When we finally decide on the choice of outfit, then proceed to jewelry - this is one of the important elements of our look and style.
Nowadays, handmade products are in fashion, including bracelets, earrings, and, of course, necklaces. In addition, you can do all these wonderful things with ease. As they say, there would be a desire.
For the necklace we will need materials such as: threads (the color depends on which beads you choose), a needle for beads, scissors, beads - one pack, two ring links and a lock.

First of all, prepare a thread with a needle. We make the length of the thread with the expectation that when the necklace is made, then its size will be smaller. Prepare four such threads.
Now we tie a neat knot at the end of the thread, put on the first bead and insert it into the bead and one link ring.

Just in this way, it will be easier for you to fix the lock and then the confidence that the necklace will serve you for a long time will triple.

When you have completed this task, do not rush to close the link, but add a lock there, and after that fasten it and simply string the beads along the entire length of the string.

At the end of the first thread, we are wearing another link with beads, but without a lock, so that there is something to cling to.
Now from the side of the castle we attach four threads of the same size with beads to the key bead, which is held near the castle itself.

Straighten our threads to make it easier to weave. We take the second thread on the left, skip it under the third and pull it over the first (in the case that the count goes from left to right, and not vice versa).

Then we take the first thread and pass it over the third and under the fourth thread. If that is not clear, then pay attention to the photographs.

And so, alternate or just weave like a braid of four strands to the end. Then we fix it near the ring without a lock and voila, your necklace is ready.

The trump card of such a necklace is that it is really made easily and quickly, and looks luxurious on your neck. In this way, you can make yourself not only necklaces, besides not just one, but even all the colors of the rainbow, if you wish, you can also make bracelets for them. This is how you get wonderful sets. Therefore, create yourself and your loved ones such beauty.