Love tree

Many people are fond of beadwork, because almost everything can be made from it! Today I will introduce you to the making of the Tree of Love from beads. To do this, we need thread floss, beads and wire 0.3 ml (all in two colors) and scissors.

At this stage, we will need wire and red beads, and for now we are laying aside white. So, cut off 15 cm of red wire and put on it 5 red beads. Move them to the middle and twist, as shown in the picture.

Now again we put 5 beads on one of the ends of the wire and twist.

We put on 5 beads again, only now on the other end of the wire and twist.

We repeat all this until on our branch there will be 4 petals on each side. We will need 15 of these.

Working according to the same scheme, we make 32 more things, only they should not have 4 petals, but 3 each.

For one branch, we need 3 large branches and 6 small ones.

Now we take white beads and a white wire. We should get 32 ​​small branches and 15 large ones. In the end, it will be so much:

It's time to engage in the formation of the main 5 branches. Here is what we will need:

In order for our twig to turn out plump, cut about 50 pieces of a 10-centimeter wire. Take a wire of 0.4 ml thick. We proceed to the formation of the twig. Take a twig with 4 petals each and wind a piece of wire to it with mouline thread.

Now we take a branch with 3 petals each and wind it to the main branch. We attach a piece of wire and attach it. The distance should be small, approximately as in the picture.

Do not forget to thicken the main branch with pieces of wire after every 2 branches. Add branches with 3 petals each. On each side should get 4 branches of 3 petals. The last fifth branch is taken from 4 petals. Here is such a large branch you should get.

But we will have one big branch, the remaining 4 branches we will do without 1 branch (on each side) of three petals. But the last branch must necessarily be of 4 petals. We will get 5 branches, in the center the largest branch. We repeat everything with white branches.

We take the largest branch and wind the branch to it

We attach each twig at a distance of 3-4 centimeters. We do the same with white branches. It will turn out like this.

Straighten the branches and fasten them with wire. But I did a little in my own way. She took the plaster and coated it with branches. I also made a stand for our tree from plaster. I painted the finished composition with simple colors and decorated it with flowers, which I also made of beads.
That's the beauty I got !!!