Necklace with notebook

Probably, every person, choosing his own style, definitely wants to have something in his robe that you definitely won’t see on others. The option with a dress, skirts and blouses - disappears, because even in fashion boutiques they make two exclusive dresses, and not one. Moreover, such excesses happen when you need to record some small but important information, but there is no leaf at hand. That's exactly when such a masterpiece as a necklace with a notebook, where the pendant will be in the form of a notebook, comes to help you.
For such a grandiose little thing, materials such as scissors, colorless glue, fabric or satin ribbon, a needle and threads, a rivet button, matches, a chain, four links, a chain half a meter and a lock, an A4 sheet or adhesive sheets, cardboard will help you sheet.

First of all, we do the insides of the notebook, namely the leaflets. They can be made using a simple sheet of A4 paper or adhesive sheets. If you chose the first option, then we fold the sheet with an accordion and then cut them into the size that you want your notebook to be.

Or we take adhesive sheets and simply reduce their size, and then glue together.

Now we take a cardboard and measure it around small leaves. Only in such a way that there is still room for a rivet, as books were made in the old fashion, will this be a little similar.

We cut the cardboard to the length that will become the basis of the notebook, and take the fabric or satin ribbon.

We measure around cardboard paper with a cloth or tape, make the tape you need to size, cut and sew a cardboard with a cloth with ordinary stitches.

Now we sew the rivet. First, on the one hand, and then on the other. The main thing here is not to miss the place of sewing, so as not to be crooked or oblique.

Glue the leaves inside the cardboard. In principle, here we have such a notebook.

Settled on the outside of our notebook. After flashing and gluing our exclusive little thing, it is necessary to remove all the flaws of sewing with the help of matches so that after the first trip it does not come up with threads. When this task was completed, then we glue the first sheet with cardboard and the last.

Now the only thing left is to connect all the details.
We make a hole using the awl at the top of the notebook and connect it with a link to the chain. You can also make a hole at the bottom and add some kind of pendant that will add its originality.

You can leave the necklace in this form, but you can make it even cooler - glue it on top with beads or sequins and this beauty comes out.