Funny giraffe

A cheerful giraffe is a great gift for a child and a wonderful piece of interior decoration. We all loved toys in childhood. They were all different, but everyone liked to play them. Very often I want to use my favorite toys for decoration in my interior. To make such an object not only bright, but also unusual it can be made independently. In this article, you will learn how to tie a giraffe that will always cheer you up.
What you will need:
- Threads. The giraffe is spotted, so you will need to take yellow yarn as a base and orange for spots. The paws will be black, which means plus black yarn and white thread for the eyes and ear inserts.
- Sintepon for stuffing.
- Needle and thread to sew all the details.

I decided to show how to tie the paws. They will be combined - the bottom is black, and the leg itself is yellow-orange. In addition, the remaining details fit in more easily.
We start with the amigurumi loop so that the synthetic winterizer does not look out through an unattractive hole.

We knit three rows with the extension.

Then we stop the expansion and knit two rows up to get a "hat".

After that, you need to narrow it a bit so that the paw is not just round, but a little elongated. Therefore, we narrow the next three rows, reducing 2-3 columns from each.

In order for the foot to smoothly transition into the spotted leg, we knit two more rows in an unusual way and without extensions or contractions. We knit half of each row with ordinary single crochet, and the second half, which will be the heel at the end of the foot, we knit with double crochet. In this way, we will extend the heel and bend it up, which will make the foot complete, and the transition to the spotted foot smooth. We attach the yellow thread.

The whole secret of spotting is that the yellow and orange threads must be alternated in a chaotic manner so that small spots of a different color appear on the main color.

When the leg is of sufficient length, in your opinion, it should be well stuffed with synthetic winterizer. It should get pretty tight, but don't overdo it so that it doesn't turn solid. It turned out such a leg.

We make the same three more legs.

It remains for us to tie a ball that will become summer, small ears, horns and a tail, and a head with a neck. The head consists of an oval nose, a circle and a long neck, similar to a leg. When everything is ready, we sew all the details and ready.

Such a giraffe will decorate any room and become a fun toy for every child.