New life of old jeans

In almost every girl, jeans are the most practical and favorite thing. They are suitable for walking, traveling, for noisy parties. Therefore, parting with old jeans is very difficult. Do not throw rubbed jeans into the bin. From them you can make a beautiful denim rug in the bath or in the kitchen. You don’t need to be a super seamstress, you just need to be able to hold a needle with a thread in your hands! Well now, boldly go to your wardrobe and sort out your “valuable” jeans!
To make a rug we need:
- old jeans or skirts;
- scissors;
- a needle and thread matching the jeans;

The mat is done quickly and fun. First you need to cut off your belts and pockets on your jeans.

We don’t throw out belts and pockets, useful things can also be made from them (a cover for a weaving, laptop). Next, cut strips from the legs of a width of about 5-7 cm.

On skirts, cut strips from the hem, cutting off pockets and belts. If the jeans are dark, it is better to give the edges of the strips a fringe, pulling along the thread along the strip.

Once the strips are ready, you can proceed to the main business. We take three strips and fix them on top with a thread with a needle.

The mat will be more interesting and brighter if the stripes are of different colors. Next, from the strips, we begin to weave a "not dense" pigtail.

When weaving braids, the strips need to be folded in half.

If the length of the strips is over, you need to "build up our pigtail" by sewing on new strips. Sew the stripes with hidden stitches.

The weaving process is very exciting and addictive, the main thing is to apply all your accuracy. You can weave a rug in front of the TV while watching your favorite movie or series. The end of the pigtail is processed with a piece of jeans using a thread with a needle.

After braiding the braids, we proceed to the formation of the rug. The mat can be made rectangular or round. In this case, we form a round rug, laying out a pigtail in a circle.

We sew each row of pigtails tightly to the previous row, using thread with a needle to match the mat.

So our work is ready!

This mat can be safely washed in a typewriter machine at a temperature of 30 degrees with an extraction of 800 units. If you own a sewing machine for greater durability, you can sew a rug with 10 * 10cm squares. Stitching can be done as the rug settles down a little in thickness!
A mat of old jeans will perfectly complement your interior in the hallway or even in the bathroom! It will be a good gift for your beloved girlfriend or mother in law. Relatives will appreciate such a gift with dignity, as a handmade gift is the most valuable!