Crafts from CDs

Wonderful box for little things
To always reign in your home, you need to store small things somewhere. Our wonderful handmade box is perfect for this business.
For work, we need super-glue, an old medium-sized box, two types of fabric (light and dense), cotton or cotton pads, a needle with thread, computer disks, rhinestones or sparkles.

Base manufacture
We take a cardboard box and glue it on all sides with cotton or cotton pads. Next, we make the preparation of the fabric. It should be smoothed and cut according to the dimensions of the box (thick fabric). We proceed to the processing of the walls of our casket. We fasten the fabric to the base, treating the product walls with super-glue.

After fixing the main material, we begin to work with light tissue. With the help of a thread and a needle, we make assemblies and cling them to the edges of our casket. We perform this operation from all sides of the product.

Dressing box.
We take computer disks, break them into different parts in size and shape. We heat using a gas stove and give the desired look with a pencil. Parts above the fire should be held with tweezers or pliers so as not to burn your hands. After giving the necessary shape, the product should be immersed in cold water and refrigerated. The resulting parts are evenly distributed over the entire surface of the casket. Fasten with super glue. Add rhinestones and sparkles. The manufacture of our wonderful little jewelry box is complete. It is time to use it for its intended purpose.

Photo frame Rubik's Cube for your favorite car.
Everyone knows that traveling together is more fun. With the Rubik's Cube photo frame, you can carry your entire family with you. 2 children's cubes or boxes of a square shape, a thin chain, favorite photos, super-glue, double-sided tape, self-adhesive paper, old computer disks, cling film, scissors.

Pre-prepared cubes are glued with self-adhesive paper.

We take the discs and cut them with scissors into small particles, not more than 2 cm.
We glue them over the entire surface of the cubes, let them dry. Glue your favorite photos on all 6 sides, glue with double-sided tape.

Next, add the chain with which the photo frame will be attached, laminate the cube on all sides with cling film.

We send the finished product to the place of honor in the car or just hang it at home.