Lasagna for all occasions

Today there is no such person who did not know, did not try or just did not hear anything about climbing. This dish is very tasty and is often prepared according to various recipes in many restaurants. Delicious lasagna can also be prepared at home. The ingredients can be selected the most diverse. I decided to make an economical version of this dish and used the following ingredients in it:
- sheets for lasagna;
- five large potatoes;
- two medium carrots;
- one large onion;
- greenery;
- a small piece of sausage.

For the sauce:
- milk, gram 300;
- half a lemon;
- 3 tablespoons of honey;
- 3 tablespoons of mayonnaise;
- a tablespoon of tomato paste, diluted with two tablespoons of water;
- spices.

My version of lasagna should be almost vegetarian. By the way, if you need just such climbing, then you can use mushrooms instead of sausages or even exclude it from the list of products.
Lasagna will be laid out in layers, a form with high sides is well suited for this. It should be well greased with a piece of butter or olive oil. The first layer is the potato, cut it into thin plates, about five millimeters each.

The second layer will lie carrot. We also cut it with thin plates, also about five millimeters each.

Onions, unlike other vegetables, cut into thin strips. You can cut and rings, but I like it more.

Vegetables will be covered with sheets for lasagna, so now you need to put a small pot of water on the fire to boil these sheets. While the water begins to boil, we begin to lay out the layers.

When the water begins to boil, drop one sheet for lasagna. It should begin to bend slightly, only then it can be shifted to vegetables. Otherwise, if it is still solid, it may not bake and remain stiff.

After the sheets of lasagna, we repeat each row again. Now you need to make the sauce for pouring. Mix mayonnaise, honey, tomato paste and spices.

Then add two tablespoons of flour to the mass, stir and pour the milk.

Pour our lasagna with the resulting sauce. The sauce should cover the top layer.

Sprinkle everything well with any finely chopped greens and send to the oven.

Lasagna should be fried at 200 degrees for at least 20 minutes. After this period you will receive a beautiful, golden lasagna with a delicious crust.