Cement mortar screwdriver head

It is very convenient to use a homemade nozzle for applying cement mortar for filling joints in brick or masonry, as well as for other finishing works. You can also apply other building mixtures in this way.

The nozzle itself can be used in tandem with a screwdriver or an electric drill (it is more convenient with a "screw"). To make it, you will need a transition for a plastic sewer pipe, a piece of a polypropylene tube and a drill for a perforator (or ordinary drill) with a diameter of 16 mm.

The first step in the transition for the sewer pipe (in its narrow part) will be to drill a through hole with a pen drill. Next, we move on to the next stage of work.

Nozzle manufacturing process

In a polypropylene pipe it will be necessary to make a small "window" of a rectangular shape. To do this, you can use the nozzle for the drill.

Next, a piece of polypropylene pipe is inserted into the hole in the plastic junction. The hole itself is closed by a plug, in which you first need to make two slots under the pipe.

On one side of the polypropylene pipe, a nozzle is inserted from the tube for silicone or other sealant. On the other hand, a drill from a perforator or drill is inserted into the pipe (this will be a screw for transporting the solution).

For details on how to make a nozzle on a drill or a screwdriver for applying cement mortar, see the video on our website.