Homemade rake to clean the bottom of a reservoir or river

In this review, the author shows how to make homemade rakes from scraps of metal to clean the bottom of a reservoir or river. This device is often called underwater rake.

To make a homemade rake, you will need pieces of a metal strip 30-40 mm wide, as well as old hacksaw saws on wood (or one two-handed saw will do). The first step is to cut off three pieces of strip.

Further, the author welds a triangular frame from these blanks. The sizes of a self-made rake can be different - at your discretion. Welds must be cleaned with angle grinders.

The main stages of work

At the next stage, it will be necessary to cut a part with teeth from a hacksaw blade on a tree. The author attaches the blank to the bottom of the triangular frame (the teeth should look inward). We drill holes and fasten with rivets.

The remaining pieces of the hacksaw blade (also for rivets) are attached to the sides of the frame. To the top of the triangle, the author welds a small segment of the strip, after having made a triangular cut in it.

Next, you will need to weld a handle from a piece of steel bar to the bottom of the frame. Then, in the side strips, the author cuts out the teeth from a hacksaw blade on a tree using a grinder.

In a short segment of the strip, which is welded to the top of the frame, the author drills a hole. A rope will be threaded into it (or you can use a cable). For a detailed process of making homemade products, see the video on the site.