Built-in rack for outerwear from profile and boards

Many apartments have niches in the walls that can be used with benefit - for the storage of outerwear and other purposes, these "secluded places" are perfect. If you have extra money, you can install a sliding wardrobe.

If the budget is limited, then you can make a simple but reliable built-in bookcase from the profile and wooden panels assembled from boards. Such a home-made design, despite the external simplicity, is perfect for storing outerwear, things from a personal wardrobe and other purposes.

First of all, you need to measure the dimensions of the opening (height, width and depth). Based on the taken measurements, you need to cut the workpieces from the profile pipe.

The main stages of work

Next, it will be necessary to mark and drill holes in the workpieces from the profile - for this you can use a conventional network drill, but for greater accuracy you will need a drilling machine.

At the next stage, it will be necessary to weld three large rectangular frames with transverse "jumpers" from short sections of the profile. Three jumpers are welded at the top and bottom of the frame.

Welding points must be cleaned with a grinder. Then you can start painting the frames with a spray gun or spray cans. Choose a color to your taste so that there is no obvious "conflict" with the interior.

Wood work

From wide boards, it will be necessary to glue boards of different lengths - in accordance with the sizes. In this case, you will need 3 long shelves that will be attached at the top, and two short shelves at the bottom. Also, the master made one partition, dividing the rack into sections.

Wooden shelves and partitions must be sanded and painted or varnished. Then you can start assembling the structure. For details on how to assemble the built-in rack for outerwear from a metal profile and boards, see the video on the site.