Hand tool for crimping pipe ends from pliers

From old or broken pliers, you can make a simple hand tool for crimping the ends of sheet metal pipes. This device is useful in cases where you need to slightly narrow the end of the pipe - to insert it into another pipe of the same diameter.

The pliers will need to cut off the lips almost under the base. You will also need a small piece of a strip of metal, from which you need to cut three pieces of the same size - 5 cm long.

The main stages of work

First of all, you need to weld two pieces of strip to the lower "core" of the sponge, and the third piece to the upper. The welds must be cleaned with a grinder, and the corners of the strips should be slightly rounded on an emery or using the same angle grinder.

Homemade manual tool for crimping the ends of the pipes is ready! Now just a few words about how they work. For example, you need to join two pieces of sheet metal pipe of the same diameter.

Just insert one pipe into another will not work. Made hand tools come to the rescue. You just need to walk around the circumference of the pipe end. And then it remains only to insert one pipe into another.

Details on how to make a hand-made tool for quickly crimping pipe ends from old pliers, as well as the principle of its operation, can be seen in the video on the website.