Thin sheet metal punching machine

From a punch and available materials at hand, you can make a simple machine with your own hands. With its help it is very convenient to create various decorative elements from thin sheet metal. Those who are in the subject may like this idea.

In addition to the puncher itself, you will also need an old unnecessary drill, which will have to be spent "at a loss" in order to make a homemade nozzle for "tapping" sheet metal on its basis.

And first of all, it will be necessary to cut the workpieces from the profile pipe. Then they are welded together in a certain way to get a stand for the punch.

The main stages of work

From a strip of metal it will be necessary to make a clamp for the diameter of the "neck" of the punch body. As a template, to bend the strip evenly, it is quite possible to use a piece of a round pipe. And then a home-made clamp is welded to a stand welded from the profile.

At the last stage of the work, it remains only to fix the perforator in the upper part of the rack, and also to make a drill bit from the drill for "grooving" and a home-made "anvil", on which sheet metal will be processed.

By the way, the author uses plastic ties to fix the punch. This option, of course, is possible. However, it is better to use more reliable metal clamps with rubber gaskets.

For details on how to make a machine for processing thin sheet metal from a perforator, see the video on our website.