How to quickly change the valve without removing the wheel

Car owners are faced with such an unpleasant situation when the wheel of the car is constantly lowering. Often this is due to the formation of cracks in the nipple. The solution to the problem is simple - change the old valve to a new one.

And for this, you do not need to lift the car on a jack, remove the wheel, and then put it back and balance. Everything is made much simpler and faster. To change the old nipple, it will be enough to spend about 20-30 seconds.

For this "operation" you will need a set of simple tools that you can make yourself: a conical tube made of stainless steel sheet, a hook made of steel wire with a handle, and also a pusher (also homemade).

Step-by-step process of replacing the nipple (valve) on the wheel

First of all, install the wheel so that the valve is at the bottom (approximately in vertical position). Then we pick up a handmade hook made of thick wire and lubricate it with liquid soap (in this situation, you can use absolutely any liquid soap).

Next, we push the valve a little to the side and put the hook to the side, then we catch the nipple by the edge and pull it out. The whole procedure takes no more than 10 seconds.

At the next stage, we wind a new nipple onto the pusher, lubricate the end of the valve and the tube with liquid soap. Then we attach the tube to the hole in the rim of the wheel, insert the pusher into it along with the nipple and push it.

The whole procedure takes about 30 seconds. Sometimes it happens the first time - it’s okay. Just try to repeat all the actions again. For details on how to quickly change the nipple without removing the wheel, see the video on our website.