The device for cleaning metal from rust from a beer barrel

Using a homemade device made from a beer barrel, you can clean small metal parts from rust.

Bulk abrasive material is poured into the working chamber. It immerses the parts that need to be cleaned. Studs with rollers and a small worm-type gear motor will also be required.

From a sheet of plywood 20 mm thick, cut two rectangular pieces (for the side walls) and four pads. Then we drill holes in the workpieces using a pen drill. We press bearings into the holes in the side walls of the housing. On both sides we attach the pads to the screws.

The main stages of work

We glue the two walls together using transverse planks of plywood. We attach two plastic rollers to the studs, after which we fix them with nuts. Then we install them in a wooden case - in previously drilled holes. We also tighten the studs with nuts.

Now go to the beer keg. First, remove the top cover, then drill a hole in the center and install a bolt.

We attach three metal tubes to rivets on the inside of the beer keg, which must first be flattened a bit in a vice. They will act as "blades" for mixing.

We put the beer barrel on the pin and install between two shafts with plastic rollers. We join the drive shaft with rollers with a worm-type gear motor.

We attach the on / off button to the body and install a fan to cool the electric motor. See the video for the detailed manufacturing process of the apparatus for cleaning metal from rust from a beer keg.