We remake the grinding nozzle for a drill for a grinder

For radial grinding of various figured blanks and parts with a complex profile, as well as for processing the end and side surfaces of materials from metal and wood, special petal (fan) heads are used. Such grinding nozzles are designed for electric drills, and represent the "petals" of sandpaper on the stock.

To increase the productivity and efficiency of grinding work, you can remake the grinding nozzle for a drill for a grinder. Due to the greater power and high engine speeds, surface treatment with fan-shaped fan heads will be much better and take less time.

The main stages of work

To install the petal head for the drill on the grinder, you just need to connect the shaft of the angle grinder with a cam chuck. It is very easy to do. First you need to find a shaft with a thread for the diameter of the hole in the drill chuck (or grind such a part on a lathe).

Then we weld together two ordinary nuts of a suitable size. Alternatively, you can use an extended nut if you can find it.

We wrap a long nut on the shaft of the angle grinder, into which we insert the cartridge from the drill with an adapter. The joint must be firmly fixed by welding.

Now, using a homemade adapter, you can easily dock the drill cartridge with a grinder. And in the cartridge itself the petal grinding head is already clamped.

For a detailed process of making this homemade product, see the video on the site.