How to make a sheet metal cutting knife

To make a homemade roller knife, you need a pair of bearings with an inner diameter of 20 mm and an outer diameter of 52 mm. Previously, one of the sides on the bearings must be grinded with a grinder, so that in the end a smooth cutting angle is obtained.

In addition, for one of the bearings it will be necessary to make an eccentric with a diameter of 20 mm so that the height of the roller can be adjusted. The eccentric is mounted inside the bearing using a bolt with an M8 nut. The second bearing is attached to the plate with an M12 bolt together with a makeshift sleeve.

For the manufacture of the remaining parts of the roller knife, two plates with a thickness of 10 mm, an equal-angle steel angle of 40x40 mm, a bent profile of 20x20 mm with a slot at the end for fixing the plate, which is used as a handle, will be required.

Roller Knife Assembly Process

First of all, it is necessary to assemble the base - for this, two main plates 170 and 200 mm long, a corner piece 200 mm long and a connecting plate are welded together. A bent handle from a profile pipe 20x20 mm is also welded (arbitrary diameter - the main thing is to be comfortable to hold).

At the last stage of work, you need to paint the main part of the knife and install the cutting rollers from the bearings. The advantage of this homemade tool over conventional metal scissors is that with its help sheet metal can be cut more evenly and much faster.