Red brooch

I bought a red skirt and there was a problem with what to wear it. No one argues that the perfect combination is red with black. But things in black look depressing and not very elegant. Therefore, it occurred to me to “revive” the dark blouse with a beautiful brooch. I couldn’t find a suitable option in the store, so I took out all the red material from my “creative” box and created an extraordinary decoration with my own hands. It is not necessary to use certain stencils or samples, in this case it is important to listen to inner desires and rely on your taste.
For work, take such materials (and all of them should be exactly red):
- Knitting;
- hook;
- threads for sewing and a needle;
- ribbons, sequins, lace, tulle;
- beads;
- PVA glue;
- scissors;
- a pin (or a special clip for brooches).

First you need to crochet a round brooch base. We collect three air loops, connect them into a ring and begin to knit in a spiral pattern "SC." The finished round base should be approximately 4.5 cm in diameter. Instead, you can use a piece of fabric (thick) cut in the shape of a circle.

Then we take a red ribbon (1 cm wide), cut four equal segments. Each of them should be about 15 cm long. Fold the ribbon in the shape of a figure of eight, the ends are connected in the center, and sew to the base. So you need to sew all 4 ribbons crosswise. This is what happens at this point.

Now we take openwork braid and form on top in the form of an accordion. Sew to the base with a thread. It can be sheathed around the perimeter, but the finish also looks beautiful from one edge. Just like in the photo.

It remains only to glue a few beads in the center of the brooch. See for yourself how much will fit on the workpiece. If the beads are large, then three are enough, and if they are small, then 5-7 pieces will be needed. And on the empty side of the workpiece we fix three red feathers (7 cm long). It turns out a tender brooch in scarlet color.

The work is so fascinating that I also wanted to craft a decoration in black colors for a pink blouse. For a black brooch, I knitted the same base as for a red one. I made two large roses from tulle, and one smaller one. Three black ribbons (1 cm wide) were sewn from below, and black feathers (9 cm long) fixed the base around the entire perimeter. The brooch in black was no less attractive and elegant.

It remains only on the opposite side to fix the pin or glue a special clip, with which the jewelry will be attached to the clothes.

This is how the red brooch flashes on the blouse.

And this is a pink blouse. The photo shows how a black homemade brooch effectively transforms an outfit.

By the same principle, you can sew a brooch for an outfit of any color. If you take multi-colored material, then the resulting decoration can be worn with bright clothes of any shades. The size of the brooch depends on the size of the base.