Shiny foamiran hair clips-hair clips

This rose will be a great decoration for hair and a complement in your wardrobe. It is 5 cm in diameter.

For work, we need:
- foamiran brilliant red color with a thickness of 2 mm and a green shade of -0.8 mm.
- glue gun.
- scissors.
- foil.
- hair clip-hair clip 4.5 cm long.
We begin to draw templates for the product. The flower itself consists of 3 elements. And each consists of 3 petals. And you need one substrate for the flower.

We take plastic suede of red color and green shade.

Three red blanks are cut out of red foamiran according to the template.

And we begin to give the petals a new shape. Each petal is kneading fingers alternately. Since this suede is saturated with glitter glue, it changes shape very easily when stretched. Small petals in the middle are pressed with two clubs and stretched, giving the shape of a boat. But the upper edges of the petals are further twisted to the upper side from the middle.

When all three petals are ready, we begin the assembly of roses. We take the foil 10x10 cm, crumple into a drop. We take one blank of three petals, and in the middle we glue this drop with the tip up. Now, in turn, we fix these petals to the foil, we glue them tightly to each other. There will be a bud or the first row.

We continue the second row, from the next petal. We start by gluing the bud to the middle.

We also attach the petals of this row with a glue gun, lubricating from the bottom to the middle, in a spiral, overlapping the edges of the petals slightly on top of each other.

And the third row remained. Also, the middle is glued, but the petals are smeared with glue only at the edge, slightly lifting up.

It is time for the green backing. First, cut the workpiece according to the template.

We process, knead each corner of the substrate with our fingers. Twist and then straighten in the middle.

Add bent strips in the middle of each petal of the substrate.

And now we turn the finished rose upside down and glue our substrate.

A rose with green petals is ready.

Now we take a clip hairpin and cut into small form small leaves of green foamiran.

Glue such leaves to the top of the hairpin.

And it remains to stick a rose on our hairpin-clip.

Our hair jewelry is ready.

Good luck to all.