Organizer for scissors

If you have a small piece of coarse cloth lying around, such as a tarpaulin, why not use it for any piercing or cutting objects. So I decided to make a creative organizer for scissors, which is not even necessary to sew, and we will just glue it. In this case, the main is cutting fabric. And for this we take our largest scissors and on the cardboard we mark a triangle for their size. This part will be the basis for all our pockets for scissors.

Now we need to place the cardboard closer to the edge of the fabric, and then fix the consecutive rays with a remnant, as if rolling a triangle in a circle. Here it is worth paying attention to the pattern itself: as you can see, on the fabric under number 1, the detail is drawn on top by a dome, it will be the very back. Detail under No. 2 should be smaller, and with its gentle cut. Detail number 3 is even smaller, and number 4 is the smallest (for mini-scissors). And in this way you can make more tiers, if necessary, then more pockets will turn out.

We cut out our base and try to fold it as shown in the figure. It turns out like this - bend No. 2 to No. 1, then No. 3 to No. 2, and No. 4 bend to No. 3. The tarpaulin bends well and remembers folds, therefore it is convenient to work with it, and it keeps its shape perfectly, it’s just suitable for scissors, and the scissors will not cling to such fabric with sharp ends.

Now it remains to turn on the thermo-gun for gluing braid and jewelry, and to prepare another kind of strong glue for gluing small beads. We begin to tape over the upper parts of future pockets with lace or lace. Also, do not forget to stick the side wings.

Now that everything is adhered properly, you can apply glue to the bottom of the cone, preferably with a thicker layer, and start pouring different beads on it. They need to be drowned, as it were, but not to the end. Press them with something metal and flat.

In the meantime, the beads will be glued, you can make some additional decorations, for example, such as these: any beads are strung on a harsh wire, and then cross the cross over with thick threads or ropes. You can also add a simple lace flower and any accessories.

It was all born spontaneously, and now I got such an interesting organizer for scissors, which later reminded me of the Iroquois, but most importantly it is made of tarpaulin, which, as you know, does not burn in fire and does not sink in water, which means it will last long. And about the strong canvas tarpaulin, I still had some ideas, and maybe you can also come up with something interesting with it.