How to make a house for a cat?

Most people treat pets as children. In many families, a cat or dog is a member of the family that has many rights, including the right to own a home. Now we will consider how to make a house for a cat, and this house will also be a unique decoration of an apartment or house.
First you need to assemble a house from chipboard. To do this, determine the size of the future home, taking into account where it will be in the apartment, and then proceed to the marking of spare parts from chipboard. In our case, these are dimensions 40x35 cm. The height of the house is 45 cm. On one side there will be an entrance to the house. It can be made with a semicircular top. If you wish, you can make a small window on one side.

You can assemble a box at home using self-tapping screws and confirmations. Before screwing them in, it is necessary to drill a hole with a drill to avoid chipboard chips.

Small protrusions or irregularities in the fastening are fearless, since subsequently the house will be covered with a fabric that will hide all the irregularities. Please note that the roof of the house, as in reality, has small ledges. So much more beautiful. In addition, it is necessary to make a foundation on which the house will stand. It is also necessary to fasten it with self-tapping screws or konfermatami. The base should be larger than the size of the house.

By attaching the house to the base, you can make additional levels for exploring the area. A pipe is needed to make a viewing platform. You can use plastic pipes, or cardboard pipes, on which rolled materials are wound (film, polyethylene). A thin chipboard can also be used as a base for viewing platforms.

The following is creative work. As a fabric for tight-fitting at home, you can use any dense materials. Since the cat will scratch it, this material should be not only dense, but also soft. A carpet, or other carpeting, is perfect for this. Using this material, the inside of the house is tightened, as well as the base (floor) around the house and inside.

Pipes on which the observation deck rests can be covered with a dense fabric similar to a rope or burlap. The most budget option for covering the house from the outside will also be a carpet. However, the fur will look much more beautiful. It's expensive, but most pet lovers go for such expenses for their beloved pets. If you make a house with your own hands from the available materials, you can use an old fur coat or sheepskin coat. In addition, you can fasten a rope or piece of fur fabric in the upper part of the second tier. On this rope the cat will be able to climb up, or just hang. Cats love it.

Another nuance that is important to consider is that cats love narrow passages to their lair, which makes it more protected. Therefore, do not make too large an entrance. Or, as in our case, you can make a kind of door.
The fabric is attached to the glue. It is best to use odorless glue. In the manufacture of this house, glue with a smell was used, but after finishing work, the house stood in the workshop for several days so that the smell would disappear.
Nowadays, such houses are very popular. If you completely buy all the material, then on such a house you will need to spend about 4000 rubles. However, the advantage of this option is that you can make it unique with the required dimensions. In addition, it is economical, since the cost of a finished house is from 10,000 rubles.