Simple pipe cutter

Such a simple device for cutting pipes can be done by every craftsman who has the skill to work with metal. The design of the pipe cutter is simple, and its production will take no more than 20 minutes.

Will need

To make a pipe cutter you will need:
  • A piece of rectangular profile.
  • A piece of motorcycle chain.
  • Stud with nut.
  • A piece of pipe with an inner diameter of the diameter of the stud or slightly larger.
  • Pipe cutter roller - you can easily buy it in the spare parts and tools store.
  • Steel plates with a hole for mounting the roller.

You will also need an electrode for welding and, of course, an apparatus for welding.

We make a pipe cutter

We assemble the unit that will hold the cutting roller. I made such plates in advance from thick steel. You can also find them ready-made.

We insert all this business into a profile.

We weld on both sides.

So that the chain is at a distance from the cutting roller, we weld two steel bosses on the sides.

We weld them by welding.

We take a motorcycle chain and set it so that it goes around the roller

We weld one edge of the chain to the profile.

We take a hairpin and weld to it the second end of the chain.

Next, we take a piece of pipe along the inner diameter of the stud.

And weld to the end of the profile by welding. Like this:

The pipe cutter is ready!

How to cut a pipe?

But first you need to fix the pipe. To do this, I will clamp it in a vice.

Dress the pipe cutter. We insert the hairpin into the hole and pull the chain with a nut.

We pull with a key creating a greater effort.

Next, we make a revolution with a pipe cutter around the pipe that we cut off.

We again tighten the chain with a nut.

We make another turn.

So the cycle repeats until the pipe is cut off. The whole cutting procedure does not take much time.

The edges were very smooth. You definitely won’t do this with a hacksaw.

Here is such a simple, almost pocket-sized, pipe cutter can be quite useful to you in life.