Vases from plastic bottles

From plastic bottles you can make pretty cute little things for the home and garden. Are we trying? We will need five-liter bottles and some other things.
Openwork vase.
Such a vase is made using a soldering iron.

The easiest option is to solder through holes in a cropped bottle. But if you want and / or the presence of nozzles for a soldering iron, you can come up with a pattern and more complicated.

Hold the finished vase near an open flame to round the edges.

Vase in decoupage technique.
To make such a vase, acrylic paints and napkins with a pattern will be required.
To prevent the edges of the cut bottle from being so sharp, I turn the workpiece for a few seconds (!) Onto a hot frying pan with a non-stick coating and slightly press down its center with my hand. The edges of the bottle instantly bend inward and the vase is ready for further work.
Using a sponge slightly moistened with water, apply acrylic paint to the plastic surface of the former bottle. Light decoupage is best suited for decoupage. I used several fading colors.

On the dried vase we glue the elements cut from the napkin using PVA glue.

Better to lubricate not paper, but a piece of vase. We apply the cut-out pictures to the area greased with glue and once again go through them with a glue brush.

When the glue is completely dry, you can finish the details with a thin brush.

Vase decorated with jute.
Perhaps the most aesthetic option. We need a ball of jute rope, universal glue, large buttons.

Align the edges of the cropped bottle as described above. Apply universal glue to the surface of the workpiece. It is not necessary to lubricate every centimeter - just go around in a zigzag around the vase. We wind the jute around the vase, trying to ensure that the threads lie close to each other.

From the remaining rope we make a decor. The occupation, frankly, is dirty and you have to get your hands dirty. But what a result!

Decor elements together with buttons are glued with a universal glue to a finished vase.

Female vase.
For such a vase, you need a pink cloth and ribbon.
We wrap the blank from the bottle with a cloth. To fix the edges of the fabric from the inside, we press them down with the decorated cardboard. Since the bottom of the bottle is uneven, it is best to cut cardboard from the edges to the center.

Outside, we fasten the fabric with tape.

A vase for feminine accessories is ready.