Homemade barometer - master class

The most affordable and most popular form of tourism is tourism - on foot. On independent and planned walking routes, millions of people go out annually.
Such hiking trips combine healthy outdoor activities, development and knowledge of the surrounding landscape, which is a very effective method of comprehensive education of students in the school.
The main goal of hiking is to satisfy the natural interest of students in the personal study of their land, to foster love for their small homeland, showing how beautiful it is.
An important goal of such trips is physical education, the acquisition by children of the necessary basic skills in work and instill in them an interest in traveling.
Preparing for a hike, you need to know the weather for tomorrow to adjust the plan or even postpone the hike if weather forecasts can threaten the health of participants. It is known that, in addition to folk signs, barometers predict bad weather. Each participant in the campaign can make a simple barometer for himself, which does not badly predict the weather, and you can even take it with you if you take certain precautions.

To make a barometer, a glass jar is taken from under the children's puree with its airtight lid and an empty transparent rod from a ballpoint pen. A hole breaks through the lid so that the tube enters the hole with force. The jar must be filled with distilled water by one third and screwed on the lid, adjust the rod so that it does not reach the bottom of the millimeter by three. The water in the jar needs to be slightly tinted by adding a drop of ink to it. We seal the joint of the tube with the cap with plasticine. Homemade barometer is ready for use. Place the barometer where direct sunlight will not fall on it. Using a barometer is simple: if you don’t see water in the tube and even air bubbles come out from the bottom of the jar, then the weather will be clear the next days. If the water in the tube rises above the level of the water in the jar, then the weather will worsen and it is better to postpone long trips for the future.