Beregin from threads

Signs and beliefs exist in the human subconscious from time immemorial. A long time ago, our ancestors - the Slavs strove for harmony with the outside world, making charms, turning to the natural forces with a request to support, help in hard everyday work and important deeds. It is not for nothing that this great nation has long been famous for composing legends and tales about the power of invincible Slavic land. Our ancestors believed in the existence of good and evil forces, and asked for help from patrons, creating miraculous charms with their own hands. They were of different colors and sizes, made of improvised materials. One of the popular amulets at that time, helping to win the war and driving away evil spirits, were the so-called BEREGINI. They were put in a cradle for babies who were constantly acting up and slept badly, hiding under the threshold so that evil force could not get into the house, and they brought it to soldiers who were sent to defend their people.
Currently, this symbol has lost its original purpose and carries a more aesthetic function than a protective one. Such an article will decorate your house on the eve of the holiday, a fabulous angel - BEACH - can be a wonderful gift made by your own hands and with an embedded piece of the soul.
Let's look at an unusual, but simple way to make a BEAST from threads. You will spend no more than an hour on work, but the result is worth it.
To get started, take two spools of ordinary threads, preferably contrasting in color, give preference to tones to your liking. These are the colors of the future crafts. We wind them on pre-prepared rectangular blanks from cardboard (one large 6-7 cm - for the body, the second a little smaller 3-4 cm - for wings) in the same way as shown in the picture.

The more threads you wind on a cardboard, the more magnificent and beautiful your coastline will be. Then fix one side of most of the knot with another thread. This will be the beginning of the fake head. After fixing, cut with scissors the edge opposite from the knot, as shown in the photo.

Cut the threads wound on a small cardboard on both sides, you should get a bunch of hairs.

Fix the head of the shoreline, departing from the upper knot a small distance, and tie the knot with a thread of contrasting color.

After that, your product should look like a brush or a broom. Separate the bristles of the brush and insert across its blank for wings, wind up, strengthening the position with a thread of a different color, and here the coastline is almost ready.

It remains only to trim the protruding edges of the threads and decorate the amulet with beads or sequins fixed to glue.

Let the beautiful amulet please you with warmth and protection, bringing happiness!