Snowflake Lantern and Star - New Year Decorations

On the eve of the New Year, people spend a lot of money on Christmas decorations and on decorations for the interior of the room. But you can completely abandon their purchase, since jewelry and toys are easy to make with your own hands. And the children will help you with joy, just give them an idea.
To do this, you need colored paper, PVA glue, scissors, a little perseverance, accuracy, patience and, of course, creative activity. I propose to make a snowflake flashlight and a star with the child.
Snowflake flashlight
Take 5 sheets of colored paper and make them square. Then bend them diagonally, connecting the upper left corner with the lower right corner. It turns out a triangle. Bend again. Now, starting from the bend, make 5 cuts with scissors, but do not cut the sheet completely. When everything is ready you need to unfold the sheet and glue the strips through one. It is worth being careful not to glue the two strips together.

When everything is glued on one side, turn over the sheet and glue the remaining strips on the other side. It turns out a small flashlight.

In the same way, proceed with the rest of the sheets.

When all the flashlights are ready, connect them into a large snowflake. At the flashlights, the tops and the right and left ends should be glued together. Glue the loop. Snowflake flashlight is ready.

For her, you need 5 sheets of colored paper. From each leaflet it is necessary to make "Ship" in the origami style.

Then glue the “noses” between them so that they make a star. Add a loop and the decoration is done.

The star has a small feature. It can be made large if the components are added second, third or fourth row.
Create with children, thereby contributing to the development of their thinking, motor skills. In addition, you do not have to spend money on Christmas decorations. You can buy a gift for your child on them. But it’s best to do it yourself.