Christmas toy from an ordinary light bulb

Everyone loves the New Year. Everyone tries to decorate their homes with garlands, tinsel, and of course toys. Our toys will be unique, as they are completely made with their own hands.
To implement this idea, we need: Matting liquid for GlassMat glass, light bulbs, gouache paints, threads. And a good mood!

We take light bulbs, carefully remove the dust and treat it with any alcohol-containing solution (Mr. Muscle is ideal). Next, we need to create a matte surface on the light bulb.
Pour GlassMat liquid into a plastic dish and place light bulbs there for 8-10 minutes.

After matting, the bulbs must be washed with water and dried with a soft towel. Now we give free rein to fantasy and draw different characters and objects.

After the paint has dried, we fasten the thread and our Christmas tree toy is ready! In 20-Z0 minutes, without special knowledge and equipment, you received a ready-made and unusual souvenir!

Do you want more, and make money on homemade products? Create unusual, avant-garde glass crafts and sell them in lots abroad. Already dozens of masters throughout the CIS have proven in practice the viability of this idea. Having earned more than one hundred dollars on such portals as ebay and etsy.
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