Bird feeders

Often, looking at birds flying in search of food, every child, and even an adult, thinks about how to feed hungry birds. Someone erects large wooden feeders for them, someone manages small devices from boxes in which various edible products are placed. We suggest making a heart-shaped feeder, which will serve not only as a dining room for birds, but also as a wonderful decoration of a tree under your window. Yes, and the manufacturing process thereof will certainly bring a lot of positive emotions to you and your children.
Attributes necessary for work:
thick cardboard (preferably corrugated);
color braid;
stationery knife;
seeds and grains.

Operating procedure:
We prepare a paste: we dilute a couple of tablespoons of table flour in a small amount of cold water. Separately, boil about half a glass of water, then pour the diluted flour into it, bring it to a boil over low heat, remove from heat and cool. Another type of glue is not suitable for this craft, since only the paste is prepared from natural components that are harmless to living organisms (in this case, birds).

From cardboard with a clerical knife we ​​cut a blank in the shape of a heart. We make a hole in it for the braid (we will hang the feeder for it). Thread the braid in the finished hole and make a loop. Then we coat the workpiece with a thick layer of paste. Pour the "bird treat" (seeds, millet, grain) onto the paste and gently press it. Then we turn over our generous heart and do the same actions on the other side. Those who are not used to being lazy can draw some kind of pattern from bird food. Birds will appreciate creativity.

We hang on the branch of a shrub or tree a ready feeder under our own window and enjoy our care for the feathered brothers. After the birds empty the feeder, it can be replenished with provisions, having previously cleaned the remnants of the dried paste.
Enjoy your work!