Installation of floor skirting

When people are going to change their flooring, they usually think only directly about the future installation of parquet or linoleum flooring and only at the last moment recall the existence of such an important attribute as a baseboard. The skirting board should not only be extremely practical and compact, but at the same time absolutely in harmony with the general interior of your home.
To get started, you need to decide which skirting board you need for repairs. There are several types: plastic, profile, wood and MDF skirting. Each of them has its pros and cons, therefore, prudently planning and measuring everything, select the product in the store that will fully meet your requirements.
Wooden baseboard gives a kind of potential for the flight of design ideas. Having bought it, and then treated it with abrasives and a primer, you can easily paint it in the color that you want to see. Well, if you don’t like it, then you can always buy ready-made and decorated trims in the store. When installing this type of skirting, use a miter box, it will help you more accurately and efficiently align joints at the corners and in length, which will greatly facilitate your work. Wooden skirting boards are usually attached to nails or screws, and their heads are correctly masked using special putty or small corks. Also, a good option would be to use the so-called "liquid nails" - a special building glue for repairs.
Plastic skirting boards, in addition to their amazing flexibility, are also distinguished by the fact that due to the presence of plugs and corners, when installing them, it is not necessary to adjust the joints.
The simplest and quickest installation material is a profile skirting. It is installed both on the wall and on the floor using special grooved holes or clamps.
As for the MDF skirting board, due to the specific manufacturing technology (pressed sawdust coated with paper), it does not differ in high operational characteristics. But with all this, it has advantages in itself both from a wooden plinth and from a plastic one at the same time. After all, having rather high flexibility, it can be installed both on glue and on latches.