As you know, on Valentine's Day, which is the day of all lovers, it is customary for their beloved to give (and just to dear people) valentines in the form of hearts. They can be sewn from fabric, knitted from yarn or thread, made using applique. I offer you my own version of making valentines from yarn. To do this, we need a minimum number of items: yarn (preferably red), scissors, a heart-shaped cardboard stencil, a narrow pink satin ribbon, "Moment" glue (preferably universal - without color and smell) and a cover from a plastic bucket from under mayonnaise.

Having collected the necessary devices, we get to work:
Having put the stencil on the cover, we outline it and cut out the hearts. We pierce with an awl at the place where it is supposed to pass a ribbon for hanging a finished Valentine. Then we coat a small area of ​​the heart with glue (one half) and glue the yarn by winding. Each strip of yarn should fit snugly to the previous thread so that the surface of the mold does not peep between them. Having pasted one side, we proceed to pasting the second. When the whole heart is glued with threads, you can think about its additional design. For example, just hang it on a pink ribbon. Or drag the heart in two places with a ribbon. Or you can simply tie a modest bow on one side of the heart.

Enjoy your work!