Valentine's card with beads

On Valentine's Day, people in love present each other with teddy bears or other soft toys, give sweets, bouquets of flowers and decorations. Time goes on, but the values ​​remain the same, a do-it-yourself gift takes a leading position in the "what to give?" Rating. The Valentine’s card, which we will now consider, can be used as a needle bed, a keychain in a car and a cute decoration in the design of the room.
Will be required for sewing valentines: Transparent lace fabric, silk threads, red beads, pink tow (lace), green ribbon. Filler for the heart, (paper, cotton wool, dried flavored flowers), accessories, ready rose bud. Tools: a regular game, a needle for beads, scissors, glue for a cloth.
We cut a double triangle from the fabric and sew the edges with the addition of beads, you don’t need to sew to the end, remember the heart must be filled with a filler.

In our version, the heart is stuffed with paper towels that are torn into pieces, after which they are each inserted into the heart of fabric, there should be a lot of filler so that the valentine is dense, after stuffing we sew the heart to the end.

The heart took a rounded shape, became dense, but not very beautiful, the bead stitches are rare, the threads from the lace fabric still stick out in different directions.

After the heart is filled with filler, sewn and slightly decorated with beads, you need to give shape, for this we take a tightened game with silk thread, and pierce the heart through, tightening the thread tightly, such ties should be done until the heart takes shape.

Now the valentine has become like a heart, you can start decorating with ribbon, accessories, plaits and beading.

We cut off the tourniquet (cord) of the required length, and carefully sew it to the heart, the silk threads are strong, but still, you need to sew it tight, it is for this loop that the heart will hang.

Then we cut off the green satin ribbon and tie a bow on the heart, glue for fabric should be dripped into the knot from the bow so that the bow does not untie. Do not instantly cut off the ribbon, first try on it, tie a trial bow, and then cut off "Measure seven times, cut once ...".

We take the accessories, the finished rose bud and insert it between the heart and the bow, to fix it, you can make a few stitches with silk thread or drop glue, in our case the ribbon is tied tight and the bud does not fall out.

Valentine is ready, such an article will delight a loved one, heart, flower, what else is needed for happiness.