Learning to cook delicious borsch

The most popular first course in many cuisines of the world is the beloved borscht. Each mistress in the arsenal, of course, has several options for its preparation. Today we offer to cook this hearty rich dish according to our recipe, and a step-by-step photo will help even the most inexperienced hostess to cope with this task.
So, for this we need the following ingredients:
- 5 medium potatoes;
- 1 large onion;
- 1 small beetroot;
- 1 medium carrot;
- 150 g of tomato paste;
- 300 g of chicken;
- 250 g of white cabbage;
- 30 g of vegetable oil;
- salt and sugar to taste.

After preparing the products, we will move on to the very process of preparing our borsch. Boil chicken (veal, pork can be used) for half an hour in salted water. Then we will take out the meat, pouring the broth into a separate pan, in which we will continue to cook the borsch.

Cut the potatoes into small cubes and send them to a boiling broth. Following him, add the cabbage, chopped into thin strips, into the broth. At the same time, we clean all the vegetables, thoroughly rinsing them thoroughly with water. Finely chop the onion and begin to sauté it over medium heat in a preheated pan with the addition of vegetable oil. Grind the carrots and beets on a fine grater, adding them to the onion.

Stirring, we will pass the vegetables for about 10 minutes, after which, pour tomato paste into them, as well as salt and sugary to taste. In about 5 minutes our vegetable dressing for borsch will be ready. Now it can be safely added to the broth with potatoes and cabbage. After 15 - 20 minutes, our dish can already be called ready-made borsch and invite everyone to dine.

Do not forget that sour cream and garlic will give borscht even more rich taste. Good appetite!