Wedding chest for money

A wedding is an important event in the life of every couple in love, as well as their near and dear ones. On a wedding day, everything should be perfect, aerobatics! And so that everything was so, and this solemn day passed without any force majeure, which means that you need to take into account every little thing from beginning to end.
First of all, of course, you need to think out your outfits to the bride and groom, suddenly someone would like instead of a white wedding dress and a black tuxedo to dress in a pink sundress and sports shorts! Anything can happen. Each is individual, which means that the outfits must be appropriate. Although the standard choice of a white dress for the bride and tuxedo or suit for the groom is also not an easy choice. But when they cope with this difficult task, things will be more serious ahead of them, for example, where will their guests put their money?
A three-liter jar, of course, is a good option, but still - this is the past, and sometimes you really want something new and extraordinary. So, with ease you can create a chest for your wedding and believe me, you will appreciate this chest more than a simple jar for conservation. And so we proceed to our important business, namely the creation of your chest.
Before we start cutting, sewing, in order to make a chest, we need to get material for it. We need: an old shoe box (but one that is still strong and in good condition), cloth, cardboard for the dome (top of the chest), scotch tape, scissors, threads, ribbons and lace.

First of all, we cut out the shoe box cover, as shown in the photo below.

The next step is to make the dome from the lid of the box, so we attach a cardboard to the box already cut, but so that it looks like an arch. On the side we also add cardboard and fix it with tape. If there is not enough adhesive tape, you can still fix the dome with a stapler and paper clips.

Next, take the fabric for our chest, measure the lid and the box itself. We cut off the necessary part of the fabric for the top, then we trim it carefully. We are doing the same procedure with the box itself.

Now, carefully cut a hole in the dome for money and check if they fit. So that the fabric does not go along the lines, so as not to deteriorate, you can hold a burning match. Only so as not to burn the whole box!

Glue the lace on the sides or where you like it more. We make a bow out of ribbons and glue it, also in the place where you think it will look best.

You can also make hearts on the sides of the lid by gluing the beads in the desired shape.

And congratulations, your chest is ready! And, if it is still completely filled with money, the newlyweds will not only be happy, but also rich!