Dermatin flower

Surely in any home you will find some "supplies" (pieces of fabric, leather), which are a pity to throw away, and it is difficult to find application. But, as they say, there would be a desire, but a little imagination, and you can always create “something” if not useful, then at least pleasing to the eye, from “nothing”. For example, in my house there were small remnants of dermatine (the door was once sheathed) and I decided to make flowers out of them. Join now!

For the construction of the flower, I needed the following: a small piece of dermatin, scissors, threads in the color of dermatine, a cardboard template in the shape of a petal and a button (for the middle of the flower).

Armed with such simple objects, I proceed to needlework:
With the help of the template I draw five petals and one small circle on the dermatin.
I cut out the drawn figures.

Using a thread with a needle, I string the lower edge of each of the five petals, laying them on top of one another.
Then, overturning the strung petals, I tighten the thread and tie it to 2-3 knots (so as not to untie).
Turn and straighten the petals.

Next, I thread the thread with the needle through the center of the circle (from the inside), then through the middle of the flower, and sew on the button as its middle.

It turned out quite an interesting flower from improvised means.
And if you attach a pin to the wrong side of the flower, you can use the fruit of my labors as a brooch.

Enjoy your work!