Openwork laid-on collar

Probably any girl wants to find a solution, the answer to the question that confronts her every morning. Indeed, many people think that the morning for girls begins with makeup, but not always, more often than not having time to wake up, the ladies ask themselves a question that leads us to panic: “what should we wear today?” Be that as it may, but walking in the same every day is definitely not attractive. A new day is, first of all, new opportunities and expectations of something better, and therefore the view should be excellent.
There are different ways to vary clothes, for example, today one is up and the other is bottom, and tomorrow the outer clothing can be the same, but the bottom - you just need to change it, and alternate this procedure further all week. But the courtyard is far from the Stone Age, which means that new ideas are coming in. One of the newest solutions, how to be unique, helps to solve an overhead collar. The beauty of this type of collar is that it is not sewn to a certain blouse, and you can wear it as a business-style T-shirt or blouses with or without collars. If a blouse with a collar, then the consignment note is used as the lower, in the sense of the second collar, which adds to your style and your originality.
A laid-on collar is a truly grandiose decision, but there is news even more charming, you can do such a wonderful thing yourself.
And so, if you decide to work with pens, then connect your imagination to come up with a lot of patterns for collars, because after the first you will want to make many more, but different in your own way.
For the collar, we need the following materials: stretch fabric (although you can use any fabric even satin, the main thing is to correctly calculate how much fabric you will need), threads to match the color of the selected fabric, bead needle, sequins (any type of sequins that you like most) , beads, scissors, measuring tape, glue, button.

We measure the length of the future collar. It can be measured using a measuring tape and blouse. Then bend the corners as shown in the photo below and cut off these curved edges.

Fold the fabric in half and check that both edges are even.

We bend the material in such a way that we get the shape of the collar.

On the top in the right corner of the collar we sew on the button on one side, and on the other we make a neat cut and sheathe the hole.

We leave a place on the edges and above a centimeter, we begin to sew sequins.

If you don’t like the way the sequins fall, then you can stick them.
Next, we sew beads around the sequins. You can sheathe both close to each other and give away. It all depends on your taste.

Well, your openwork collar is ready. Congratulations!