Holiday card

Do-it-yourself postcard using scrapbooking technique is a real work of art. And everyone can make this masterpiece, the main thing is to know some secrets and prepare everything you need.

For cards, watercolor paper is very suitable. It is textured, pleasant to the touch, bends well in two halves. From a sheet of paper we cut a square with sides of 22 cm. You can use ordinary scissors or a special paper cutter.

We bend the resulting base in the middle to get a rectangle with sides 22 and 11 cm.

We start to cut a colored background. First we take a sheet of purple paper, put a rectangle on it with sides of 21 and 10 cm, cut it out. We need 4 pieces of such blanks.

The next colored substrate is reduced by 0.5 cm on each side. On a sheet of green paper, lay a rectangle with sides 20 and 9 cm, respectively. Cut 4 rectangles from green paper.

When all the blanks are ready, they can be glued to the base. 0.5 cm should be left from the edge of each side. This measurement can be indicated on the postcard on each side with a needle so as not to leave a trace from a pencil or pen. The paper adheres well to regular glue stick. It does not deform the product and leave no residue. First, glue the purple sheet; then, again, step back from the edge (now from the purple sheet) 0.5 and glue the green rectangle.

We take a sheet of watercolor paper measuring 7.5 by 22 cm and a figured hole punch. From the upper and lower sides we pass along the rectangle with a hole punch. Glue the resulting openwork sheet to the card.

A congratulatory inscription will appear on the right side of the card, but you need to prepare the basis for it. We print out the inscription "Happy Birthday" on a sheet of green paper. The dimensions of this rectangle are 10 by 2 cm. Therefore, the subsequent sheets will be increased by 1 cm to maintain an indent of 0.5 cm. From a watercolor paper, cut a rectangle of 11 by 3 cm, from purple - 12 by 4 cm. Glue all the clippings, starting with a larger one and ending with a small one with an inscription.

We begin to decorate our card. All kinds of ribbons, half beads, flowers are useful for this.

A thin purple ribbon is glued to the middle of the card in the center of the curly blank. On top is a combination with congratulations.

Greeting card with pink flowers. Their center, half beads, it is better to glue on the moment glue. Flowers can be evenly distributed over the entire surface, or can be arranged side by side.

Glue one flower on the inside to decorate future greetings.

With larger beads, we decorate the corners of the congratulatory inscription.

Our postcard is ready.