Restoration of an old cabinet

Each of us has ever faced a decision on the future life of old things that in no way fit into the modern interior. Sometimes it’s a pity to part with old furniture - because it is of good quality and is associated with old memories. If there is a summer residence, you can take the furniture there, but if there is no such solution, you have to choose from two ways, either throw it in a landfill or try to resuscitate and bring it into the appropriate form.
In principle, any furniture can be changed and make it the perfect complement to the interior. Today, the restoration of upholstered furniture is very popular - those who made repairs in the apartment often replaced the upholstery of the sofa with a new one, more suitable for the environment. In addition, this is a huge plus to save. And it’s also a creative process and pride that it’s done all by hand.
No need to be afraid to start remaking old things. Even if you do not have the skills or knowledge in this process, you can simply turn to the Internet, or special literature, which is replete with a huge amount of information. Also, experienced workers in building stores can help you in this matter, who will advise and recommend the materials you need for the creative process.
So, where to start ?!
We paint the old closet.
• It is necessary to find the cause of the breakdown and try to eliminate it.
• Check furniture for woodbug bugs. If you still find the moves, you need to blow them. Then instill these moves with a special compound or kerosene. Before painting the holes, seal up with wax or putty on wood.
• Now, trying not to damage the wood, you need to remove the old paint. To do this, you can use special tools. Work with gloves and a respirator with a paint brush or cloth wound on a stick. To remove the softened paint you need a spatula or a wooden block with a cut edge. After you need to polish the tree along the fibers.
• Priming the surface for better adhesion of coloring matter to wood. Sometimes the varnishes and paints themselves are primers.
• Then you need to choose a paint: oil enamel, latex paint or acrylic, water-based. Acrylic paint is more in demand in this matter, since it can be diluted with water, it is odorless, dries quickly, mixes easily with color and most importantly, it can be washed off during the painting process.
• Use quality brushes and a roller.
• Paint the product and leave it to dry completely.
• When the paint is well dried, the surface must be cleaned with fine-grained emery paper and wiped with a rag.
• Cover with a second coat of paint. Let it dry. If you wish, you can still varnish, it will protect the product from deep pollution and dust.
Well, that's it! You can also decorate products at your discretion, using different design techniques.
Old soviet wall before restoration.

After restoration.