Cotton disc tea rose

To create this wonderful bouquet, you will have to work hard for a couple of days, but the result will be stunning!
For a bouquet of seven roses we will need cotton disks (about 80 pcs.); paint for Easter eggs (yellow, red, orange, green); two-wire wire (about 2 meters long); PVA glue; pliers; green knitting thread; nippers. And, of course, patience.
So, we begin to manufacture our beautiful roses.
To make the stem, we take a two-wire wire about 30 cm long and divide it into two veins (no more than 10 cm). One twig - the vein will serve as a stalk for the flower, the other - a twig for leaves. Then you need to bare one vein by 6 centimeters to the wire and fasten two more small ones to it using pliers, as shown in the photo.

Next, we wrap the entire wire with green thread so that the stem looks natural. Now the lesson will be more interesting: we will form the buds. We do it step by step.
1. Pour water into a bowl, each for a separate paint;
2. Pour some paint into the water. It is enough that she is at least a little stained.
3. Put in each bowl the required number of cotton pads for 5 minutes.

4. The painted discs are slightly squeezed out of the water and folded in the form of rose petals.

5. We attach the finished buds to the stem and strengthen them with a green thread. Thus, the base of the leg will be natural and strong.

Ready stems with roses, it is advisable to put for drying on the lattice, but you can also hang down the flowers. Now set to making leaves. We do this step by step:
1. Take cotton pads (each leaf will take three leaves, then three disks) and cut the shape of the leaves out of them, folding the disk in half, cutting out like a Christmas tree.
2. Color them as well as the petals, but in green paint.
3. Leave to dry completely.
4. After drying, take a leaf and divide it a little in half and grease the middle with PVA glue.
5. In the middle we put the wire intended for the leaves, and press both sides. So we get the leaves.

That's all! Our roses are ready! Amazing right? To make our flowers look even more beautiful, the buds can be slightly sprinkled with varnish, or with brilliance.

Good luck!